The Upside of Downsizing

Feeling weighed down by a lot of possessions? Surrounded by years of accumulated stuff? On Wednesday, February 23, 5:30-7:30pm, home organization specialist Karen Zweig, will speak on The Upside of Downsizing, practical ways to address this common problem.

The event is part of the Making Your Home Work for the Long Run series, sponsored by the Staying Put Working Group, the Council on Aging and the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. Staying Put was founded by several Davis Square residents and includes both Somerville and Cambridge residents.

The program is open to everyone and will be at 167 Holland St., 2nd floor. The space is wheelchair accessible.

Whether you are contemplating a move, or wish to simplify your surroundings, this program in the series Making Your Home Work for the Long Run, will provide common sense strategies to help you get started. Learn how to tackle small areas and set realistic goals.  Feel gratified as you get rid of stuff, donate useful items, and preserve memories.

Karen Zweig, The Move Maven, has more than 20 years’ of managerial and organizational experience in social services, education and law. Her current work helps clients make changes in their home environments, or transition to new ones, more easily.

“Making Your Home Work for the Long Run” is a series of events to bring residents together to explore and develop ways to make their homes and neighborhoods safe, supportive and user friendly.

To reserve a place, or learn about future programs, call 617 628-2601, ext 601, and leave a message. Or email Susann at