Shared Housing: A New Old Idea

Wednesday, June 15, 5:45-7:30pm
VNA Facility, 259 Lowell St., 3rd floor

Living in shared housing is the topic of the next Making Your Home Work for the Long Run discussion series. Sponsors are the Staying Put Working Group, Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, Cambridge Council on Aging, Somerville Council on Aging, and SCM Door to Door Transportation. Free, wheelchair accessible; refreshments served.

Sharing space with others and having a private area of ones own is not a new idea. A prime reason to live with others is to share expenses. Other benefits include social connection, sharing responsibility for maintenance and upkeep, and living in a culturally and socially rich environment.

Shared housing makes tangible the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. With planning and support, it may also make it possible for older people to stay put.

The program will cover the basics of home sharing, coops, joint family, co-housing and getting along with others, through the stories of people who have experienced them.  We will also consider questions you should ask when starting or joining a shared housing arrangement, such as–

What’s important to you in relation to living with others?
What are the pros and cons of different approaches?
What are the financial, zoning, or contractual options?

Home share situations take many forms, and no two are alike. Please join us to discuss your ideas and questions. Reserve by calling 617 628-2601, ext 601, or email Susann at